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Our Products are Engineered to exceed your needs for robust design, luxury and comfort


We have expanded our product offering by sticking to core principles. We offer superior products which are engineered to exceed your need for a robust design. Furthermore, there is no sacrifice when it comes to luxury and comfort. You really can have it all with Bolt Custom Trucks!

Engineering & Design

Bolt Custom Trucks and Manufacturing is proud to offer products which have been developed and refined by our skilled engineering team for over twenty years. We are the only manufacturer to offer an advanced aerodynamic roof design and fully integrated custom truck sleeper designed to the highest quality standards. We utilize the latest technology and 3D solid modeling software platform and tools to deploy our custom features while ensuring OEM standards.

Engineering Capabilities and System Benefits

  • 3D solid modeling engineering design
  • Aluminum construction of exterior shell interior cabinetry for lighter weight
  • Sweeping aerodynamic design
  • Superior fuel efficiency
  • Interlocking cabinets which are huck-bolted to sleeper cab’s exterior shell to provide superior durability and safety
  • Air ride systems for maximum comfort


Bolt Custom Trucks and Manufacturing employs a dedicated team highly skilled and carefully selected team members and vendor partners to construct the highest quality products. Our truck sleepers utilize superior materials that are proudly Made in the USA.

Manufacturing Process Capabilities and System Features

  • Precision forming, fabricating and welding of aluminum and ferrous metals
  • CNC machining
  • Cab modifications
  • Interior soft trim finishing
  • Automotive paint application
  • 110-volt and 12-volt wiring and electronic systems
  • Generator and other APU installation
  • Plumbing for fresh and waste water systems
  • HVAC